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Storage in Bonita Springs and Bonita Beach, Florida for cars, trucks, boats, and furniture

Storage on Bonita Beach

Welcome, and thank you for taking the time to view our website.

We are family owned and operated and firmly believe in offering the type of service and high standards of quality that we expect from those that ask for our business.  Our goal with this website is to set your self storage expectations so high that you realize that we are the only ones that can fulfill and exceed them.  Instead of advertising at you and just telling you that we are the best, we hope that you have the ability to take some time and explore our website as we have designed it as a source of education and information for you as you move between homes, into Southwest Florida, or just simply make more room for you and your family in your home.  We feel confident that the information provided on this website will help you make learned decisions when it comes to self storage, and hope that you will honor us at Beach Storage by allowing us to be a part of your storage experience.

We Offer

We offer more than just storage for your home, business, or vehicle.  We offer value, customer service, and peace of mind because you can be sure that you have picked a safe, secure, and clean facility for the best protection and preservation of your valuables.  We offer education in choosing what size is best for your needs, free services, and excellent support for you and your belongings from our management team. 

We can take care of all of your storage needs from household storage, to business storage, and all of your vehicle needs.  Please feel free to call us with any questions or concerns.  We realize that all of our customers have unique needs and we look forward to spending time with you addressing yours.

Some of the more tangible things that we offer are Free Truck Rentals, Digitally Recorded Security, and a number of other free services.  Check out our Tips & Suggestions page for other great ideas that we have in store for you!

What Others Aren’t Telling You

Please be aware that many other facilities may hide costs from you until the last second.  Some facilities charge you administration fees just to do a little paperwork, others charge deposits on your unit, others force you into a costly insurance option, and some will try to take advantage you in all three ways!  While most in the storage industry are good people, some aren’t; you can always trust Beach Storage to respect you and be truthful with what we charge you as we do not have any of those hidden charges or fees at Beach Storage in Bonita Springs, FL. 

Other things they don’t tell you may not cost you money, but it may cost you time, extra effort, or dissatisfaction.  We accept packages for free and will put them into your unit for you for free so you don’t have to wait around.  If it is a special package, we can just give you a call when it arrives.  If you store a vehicle with us, we are happy to start it once a month for free to ensure that your engine and batteries run well, and should a battery die or tires go flat, we are happy to charge your battery or inflate your tires for you for free as well.  We will always do everything within our power to ensure your satisfaction with our storage facility.

Something to Consider

We feel confident that if you use the educational tools available on this website, you will feel confident that you have found the best storage facility in the area.  We have complete sections dedicated to the Storage Supplies that we have available and another entire section on Packing Tips to educate you on how best to use them.  If you are worried about choosing the best Self Storage Unit Size, we have a page dedicated to that, and our storage professionals will be happy to assist you in finding the unit that best fits your needs when you come in to see us.  Many people worry about hiring the right movers, and we have an entire page dedicated to preparing you with information to aid you in your decision.

Our Friendly Staff

Our Staff is dedicated to serving you, our tenant.  We hope that you enjoy seeing the same faces every time you stop in the office for water, candy, or just to chat.  Some of us have worked for the owners for over 23 years, and envision retiring with our company.  We feel that our staff, as well as our facility, is responsible for all of our repeat business.  We often recognize customer’s voices on the phone and even remember what unit we have them in.  Just as there is a difference between service at a fast food restaurant versus a five star restaurant, you will certainly recognize the difference in customer service between our state of the art facility and some of the other facilities in the area.

At Beach Storage, in Bonita Springs, Florida, we look forward to serving our tenants with the best in customer service, security, and protection for your valuables.  Please feel free to call us any time with any questions you many have and we look forward to welcoming you to our self storage family.

Please Feel Free to Contact Us!

We certainly look forward to meeting you and look forward to touring you at our facility.  We are really proud of it!  Bring your questions and thoughts, and we are happy to help you in any way that we can.  We look forward to getting to know you, and look forward to our upcoming relationship with you.

Storage in Bonita Springs, FLorida


Bonita Springs Florida Storage Facility

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